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Owner and CEO at Behind The Brand. Media & Marketing House

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I'm a creative and success-oriented person focused on self-development, driven to make a change

I have been working on my portfolio since 2011. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn in order to learn the details about my professional life. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!
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At Behind The Brand. Media and Marketing House, we teach, lead, and advise. But we don't stop there. We relentlessly push boundaries to create, build, and grow businesses that are set to conquer the world. We support you through every stage of your business lifecycle, ensuring your brand evolves in line with the latest industry standards and your unique business needs.
BehinD The Brand. becomes media and marketing house
Always aspiring to something more, I imagined a business that transcends traditional boundaries, a digital utopia where language barriers do not exist and the world is a playground for large and small companies.

I wanted to offer services in every language, tailored for every country, representing a firm whose structure is far away from traditional corporations. I used my global network to unite specialists from around the world, seasoned professionals who shared my vision. This is how I became a leader of experts in their fields and cultures, fluent in their respective languages ​​and eager to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Together we deliver media and marketing services that resonate with local markets, are culturally sensitive and accurate, and tailor-fit to the client's needs.
UK Travel Industry Market Research
I took the lead in creating detailed reports on market trends during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. By studying what people were searching for and talking about, I gathered important insights about various audiences and their online behavior. This research helped shape an example of new product in CCMedia's offer. For me personally, this report has become a great example of how we adapt to changes in the industry and customer needs.
Competitive Analysis
I've developed an in-depth Competitive Analysis of industry trends and market developments for Retail and Aesthetic clients presenting meaningful insights connected with the development of luxury sectors, helping clients to reach a higher level of services.
UI/UX Website Audits
By improving Website Audits and adding more user-focus data into the reports, I've increased client's awareness about the new technologies and solutions. That led to changes performed to the website's design and structure increasing the SEO scores and Conversions.
SEO Project Management and Timelines
By creating the SEO timelines, delivering continuous and strategic SEO campaigns, and coordinating the process, I've improved team workflow and supported my colleagues in overreaching business goals and KPIs in 2019 and 2020.
Pre and Post-Live Checklists
I've introduced the Pre and Post-Live Checklists for websites and led the SEO part of the projects, improving the work processes and supporting the developers' team. I ensured that the publishing of the new website is running without errors delivering a higher standard of digital marketing services.
New Design of Google Slides
Proposed new, fresh minimalistic design for reports, audits, and other documents for the various businesses in the Retail, Health, Hospitality, and Luxury sectors.
2011 - present
Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer
As a way of expressing my passion, I have created and managing a creative brand delivering high-quality digital content to various international businesses. In the last 5 years while consistently developing my experience I have expanded my activity to deliver marketing services and build websites.
2008 - 2013
A Head of Year
During five years of studies, I was five times chosen to be a Head of the Year. I was communicating expectations and holds students to them – I have taken time to knows students well enough to tell when they need a different approach and offer it. I was justifying decisions to sometimes sceptical staff whilst not breaking confidentiality about the struggles of the most vulnerable individuals. I made sure I was offering the same warmth and empathy to the inconsolable student whether it is 1pm on a Tuesday or 9 pm on a Friday.
I have known Anita Walkowska since she re-designed my website a few years ago. Since then, the traffic on my website has increased very much and I’m very happy with the response.

I have found her to be very hard-working and conscientious and she responds promptly to concerns. She is easily approachable which I find very helpful. She has great knowledge of website design and promptly attends to any ongoing problems arising.

Anita still does the SEO work for my website, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. I wish Anita all the best in setting up her new website and in all future endeavours.
Dr Hans Mathew, Wycombe Medical Acupuncture
Anita is an easygoing, reliable & result-oriented partner. Always ready to have your backup in force majeure situations, collaborate & find a solution to any task. Looking forward to the next awesome projects!
Artem Golubchak, Graphic Design Specialist
Anita exceeded expectations when it comes to commitment and dedication to the projects she was assigned. As an SEO executive, she strived to develop successful administrative strategies within reporting and day-to-day work optimisation. Anita is always keen to share her expertise while encouraging collaboration with the rest of the team. Any position requiring the implementation of innovative strategies allowing her to further foster the curiosity for new perspectives will be more than suitable for her.
Marcin Kuna, Phd.
Anita is a motivated, forward-thinking, and also a very innovative manager, who has a lot of knowledge in her field of design, photography, and digital marketing. It was fantastic to work together with her. I highly recommend Anita to everyone!
Jorge Guzman, Sales Account Manager, PHL
Anita is a very personable, bright and talented Digital Marketer. She has a fantastic range of SEO and Digital Marketing skills with a key interest in emerging markets and technologies. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.
Grant Lambert, Founder and Managing Director at Honor Search Ltd
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